• RL6:Infection

    Helps hospitals better detect, manage and control infections. Infection Preventionists and Infection Control Practitioners will spend less time reviewing infection evidence and more time actually preventing infections. RL6 also helps antimicrobial stewardship teams monitor and intervene with real-time electronic surveillance. 




    Healthcare-acquired infections (HAIs) affect the well-being of your patients and the safety of your facility. However, with the right tools, they can be minimized. To stop HAIs, Infection Preventionists, or IPs, need advanced software for dealing with infections. RL6:Infection gives hospitals easy access to their critical infection data including antimicrobial use. With RL6, IPs will spend less time on tedious administrative tasks—and more time actually helping to prevent infections.


    • Real-time surveillance of hospital systems including laboratory results (microbiology), ADT, surgical procedures and pharmacy orders
    • Prioritizes potential infections to help you work smarter
    • Drill-down into reports to trend infection surveillance results 
    • View all of your antimicrobial stewardship data in one location
    Infection Icon Wall

    Infection Icon Wall

    • Infection Icon Wall



    Helps prevent hospital-acquired infections (HAIs)

    • Observes all of your hospital systems, including laboratory (microbiology), ADT, surgical procedures and pharmacy orders, for infection risks
    • Tracks location history to identify potential risks (for example, a patient who shared a room with a MRSA-infected patient)
    • Links with admission, surgery and pharmacy data make prioritization and reviews easier

    Helps manage your hospital's antimicrobial stewardship program

    • Identifies intervention opportunities by a number of different methods including date range, antimicrobial, location and specific alerts, and reduces time to intervention
    • Monitors antimicrobial utilization for your ID Pharmacist by DDD, DOT or other parameters, and resistant patterns for MDRO
    • Receive custom alerts and report data to the National Healthcare Safety Network (NHSN), including antimicrobial utilization

    Tools for better workflow management

    • Quickly prioritize potential infections through ‘inboxes’ that capture alerts as they happen. These inboxes let you triage infection evidence found by RL6 and decide which alerts need follow-up—and which you can ignore.
    • Manage files that need investigation through the Follow-Up Workbasket: create Run Sheets, classify infections, access patient information & add comments

     Build flexible infection control reports

    • Includes dozens of best practice report templates
    • Trend infection surveillance results & report to the NHSN



    Act faster with real-time surveillance

    With RL6, you can minimize the impact of infections by responding faster through real-time surveillance. See a 360º view of infection risks at your organization. Enact precautions earlier through alerts based on admission data. Plus, accelerate infection prevention initiatives by pinpointing problem areas through control and pareto charts.


    Integrates with existing hospital sub-systems

    Automated surveillance of hospital systems means fewer risks for the entire hospital. It also helps reduce the overall cost of hospital-acquired infections. Integration with lab systems assists in the detection & management of multi-drug resistant organisms.


    Better support your IPs

    Investing in your IPs makes good sense: they’re at the forefront of reducing the patient, organizational and financial impact of HAIs by leading prevention initiatives, providing training and implementing proper infection procedures. Our infection surveillance software has been refined over 5 years in a clinical setting, with input from experienced IPs.


    Stop wasting time on administrative tasks

    Free up to 50% of your IPs' time by eliminating useless administrative tasks. This helps you more effectively allocate your infection control staff.


    Keep others informed

    Answer any infection related question with just a few clicks—reducing the time needed for investigation and review. Always have the latest data available for meetings with managers and IC committees: easy-to-read reports mean you always the latest infection performance data available.


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