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Adeel S.Pro. Services
Aileen C.Development
Alex M.Development
Alex S.Product Mgmt.
Alexis M.Support Services
Amanda W.IT/IS
Angelo P.Support Services
Anjali A.Marketing
Anna F.Marketing
Anna Q.Quality Assurance
Annie H.Marketing
Anthony C.Development
Anuhya S.Client Success
Aracely C.Human Resources
Ayleen M.Development
Billy D.Client Success
Blake L.Marketing
Brandon K.Support Services
Brian C.IT/IS
Brian S.IT/IS
Candice C.Project Mgmt.
Carmen W.Alliances
Cary L.CFORead Bio

Cary Lavine


Since joining RL Solutions in 2000, Cary has instilled a sense of fiscal responsibility and stability into our culture. The company’s strong record of profitability and financial growth is due in large part to his fiscal discipline and strategic financial planning.

Cary holds a Bachelor of Commerce from the University of Toronto and is a Chartered Accountant. Prior to his experience with RL Solutions, Cary worked with a variety of companies, always in their finance departments, fine-tuning his skills in strategy, finance, accounting and operations.

Cecil L.Development
Celso M.Development
Charisse P.Sales
Chris W.Quality Assurance
Cindy P.Pro. Services
Dave F.Pro. Services
Dave S.Sales
David B.Product Mgmt.
David K.Pro. Services
Derek R.Sales
Emily C.Sales
Emily F.Quality Assurance
Faroud H.Product Mgmt.
Farrah D.Client Success
Foroogh B.Human Resources
Gabriela D.Quality Assurance
Gail M.Client Success
Gary G.Pro. Services
Geeta A.Pro. Services
Gus A.Sales
Heidi C.Product Mgmt.
Hoda O.Finance
Iain G.Support Services
Ian C.Pro. Services
Irma F.Project Mgmt.
Jack H.Sales
Jaladhi S.Quality Assurance
Jason G.Support Services
Jason S.VP, Business Dev.Read Bio

Jason Schuy

VP, Business Dev.

Jason left a high-profile career in technology sales at Novell to help build a fledgling healthcare software company, RL Solutions. A graduate of the University of Toronto’s Commerce program, Jason was able to use his sales experience to grow the company’s sales and marketing infrastructure from the ground up.

Over the past 16 years, Jason has consulted with hundreds of healthcare organizations about their quality improvement systems and processes. In the process, he’s become a recognized expert and leader in the healthcare industry.

Jelise N.Client Success
Jian Z.CTORead Bio

Jian Zhou


A distinguished graduate of China’s prestigious Shanghai Jiaotong University with bachelor degrees in Mathematics and Control Theory and a masters in Computer Engineering, Jian immigrated to Canada in 1999. He joined RL Solutions and immediately took full control of the company’s research and technology development.

Over the past decade, Jian has successfully established the company’s software development lifecycle and has championed the development and release of all of RL Solutions’ major products.

Still willing to roll up his sleeves and bury himself into the company’s technical innovations, Jian also manages and inspires a large team of high-achieving software developers in Toronto, Canada and Adelaide, South Australia.

Jie F.Development
Joel D.Pro. Services
John C.Product Mgmt.
Joseph L.Development
Karen B.Project Mgmt.
Kate L.Quality Assurance
Kate Z.Marketing
Kelvin S.Quality Assurance
Kevin K.Support Services
Kirill R.Sales
Len G.VP, SalesRead Bio

Len Georgiou

VP, Sales

Len came to RL Solutions in 2003 from an established career in the global technology sector, including leadership roles at Nortel Networks and Abovenet. Len has also consulted companies in strategic planning, sales management, leadership and organizational change management, including IPO launches.

Since joining RL Solutions, Len has been instrumental in driving the company’s significant business growth, managing our growing sales force and establishing RL Solutions as a leader in patient safety software. He holds a business degree from Wilfrid Laurier University and has completed management certifications at the London Business School, University of Toronto and Carleton University. 

Lijie H.Quality Assurance
Lillian H.Finance
Linda M.Client Success
Manuel R.Development
Mary-Ann R.Client Success
Matthew H.Pro. Services
Meredith L.Marketing
Mike G.Client Success
Mike H.Sales
Mike E.VP, MarketingRead Bio

Mike Etzinger

VP, Marketing

Mike joined RL in 2007 and has spent his entire career in software, working with companies such as Microsoft, Actuate and Nero. He is accountable for all aspects of marketing, including brand management, lead generation, design, strategy, communications and experiential. Since joining RL, Mike has grown the marketing team and has helped to transform Sanjay’s vision for the RL brand into what it is today. 

Mike’s greatest contribution to RL has been his ability to recognize – and surround himself with - high-performers. These high performers have made a significant impact on the company, and have been critical in fueling its continued profitability, influence in the marketplace and growth.

Mike has lived abroad twice, but proudly calls Toronto home. He is an avid soccer fan and history buff, and has a soft spot for dachshunds. Mike holds a Bachelor’s of Arts from the University of Waterloo.

Mike K.Sales
Mike S.Alliances
Mithula B.Pro. Services
Monica C.Alliances
Mustafa N.Pro. Services
Nadia H.Pro. Services
Nancy B.Quality Assurance
Nandish A.Pro. Services
Oleg C.Product Mgmt.
Paul E.Development
Peter V.Development
Pierre I.Client Success
Prakash M.Project Mgmt.
Radik A.Finance
Reena D.Quality Assurance
Rob W.Support Services
Sameen M.Pro. Services
Sanjay M.CEORead Bio

Sanjay Malaviya


Sanjay has based his entire career in healthcare IT. After graduating with a B.Sc. in Computer Engineering from the University of Waterloo, his interest in health systems led him to St. Michael’s Hospital, a major teaching hospital in downtown Toronto.

While at St. Mike’s, Sanjay had the privilege of designing and implementing several critical systems for the hospital, including a digital dictation system and a clinical repository for patient data. Over his 7-year tenure, Sanjay became an expert in hospital IT systems, health data interfacing, clinical processes and user interface design.

Sanjay also undertook a special project to develop a solution for decentralized patient feedback management. This system garnered the attention and imagination of hospitals across North America, ultimately leading to the creation of RL Solutions and forming the basis of the company’s other solutions for risk management, healthcare claims and infection control.

Sarah W.Quality Assurance
Sean L.Marketing
Sheena R.Client Success
Sheryl M.VP, Client SuccessRead Bio

Sheryl Moran

VP, Client Success

Prior to joining RL Solutions in 2000, Sheryl worked in risk management, patient relations and utilization management at several healthcare organizations, ranging from small community hospitals to metropolitan teaching centers.

At RL Solutions, she has provided leadership in the area of client services, and has personally led software implementations at hundreds of healthcare organizations of all types and sizes. As the head of our Client Excellence division, she is responsible for creating premium value-added service offerings for our clients, to meet their strategic business needs and ensure continued clients success and loyalty.

Sheryl holds degrees from the University of Toronto, including a Master of Health Sciences degree. She’s also a Certified Professional in Healthcare Risk Management through the American Society for Healthcare Risk Management. As well, she is a founding member of the Technology Services Industry Association’s Women in Services Interest Group, promoting women in the technology-services industry.

Sonia H.Marketing
Sophia B.Client Success
Sunita F.Project Mgmt.
Tara P.Project Mgmt.
Tenzin W.Pro. Services
Tim C.Client Success
Tina D.Marketing
Todd M.IT/IS
Tom G.Support Services
Victor D.Pro. Services
Vincent H.Development
Ying F.Quality Assurance


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