Professional Services

RL's professional services team is on the front lines with our clients, guiding them through product implementations, upgrades and training.

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Do you love learning about the newest technology, and teaching it to others? Then this might just be the place for you.

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Implementation Services

This dedicated team of analysts and project managers keep all of our software implementations organized. Their tireless work ensures that our clients succeed with their RL software and services.

Technical Services

In a perfect world, our products wouldn't need support. Until that happens, we want to make every client's experience with our support team amazing. In the meantime, our knowledgeable technical analysts keep busy answering our clients' questions.

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Client Excellence

Once our clients are up and running, it's up to our client excellence team to make sure they're getting the most out of our software. They deliver software training, consult on best practices and help clients better leverage their patient safety data.

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RL's professional services team are pros at building our client's confidence and skills. And they do it all with a grin.

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