RL Rewards

Participate. Earn. Redeem.

We'll award you points for your participation on RL Community, and interactions with RL, current and prospective clients.

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    Step 1

    Designate a contact

    Identify a primary RL Rewards contact person at your organization. Spread the word among your colleagues, since you'll accumulate points by organization.

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    Step 2

    Participate & earn

    Get points by contributing to RL Community, being a client reference and much more. Some rewards are easy to earn while others involve a little more work.

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    Step 3

    Check your balance

    You can view your organization's points total on your profile on RL Community!

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    Step 4

    Redeem rewards

    Once you've earned enough points, contact us to redeem them!

A quick guide to earning points

The more you participate, the more you'll earn. And the more you earn, the bigger the rewards.

  • We like you, and you like RL! Share the love and refer potential RL clients.

    Challenges Points
    Let RL use your name/organization's logo on marketing materials and/or website 1,000
    Participate in a reference call with a prospective or existing RL client*** 2,000
    Let RL use your name/organization's logo, and quotes or comments on marketing materials and/or website 3,000
    Write an email/letter endorsing RL to an existing or prospective client*** 3,000
    Refer a potential client that leads to a demonstration* 3,000
    Host a prospective RL client onsite 5,000
    Refer a potential client that leads to a sale* 10,000
    Let us write and distribute a press release highlighting your use of our application 10,000
    Participate in a client testimonial video 10,000
  • Keep the conversation going! Contribute to the RL Community or through social media.

    Challenges Points
    Likes/votes on your post/comment 3
    Post an Idea, Q & A, or Group Discussion 5
    Attend an Event or join a Group 5
    Comment on an Idea, Q & A, or Group Discussion 10
    Create an Event or a Group 10
    Get assigned a Best Answer 30
    Follow/like RL on our social media accounts (Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn)** 100
    Mention RL on social media or use an RL hashtag** 100
  • Participate in RL Focus, our new research program, and share your ideas about how to make healthcare better.

    Challenges Points
    Participate in a RL sponsored survey 400
    Participate in sneak peaks and requests for feedback, research interviews, focus groups or usability studies 1,000 - 4,000
    Host an RL employee onsite for research purposes 4,000
  • Next to us, no one knows our software better than our clients. Share your patient safety successes through webinars, blog posts and case studies.

    Challenges Points
    Guest feature in our newsletter or contribute to the RL Blog 5,000
    Host #AskTheExpert series 5000
    Write an article with RL for publication in a trade journal or a poster for submission at a conference 15,000
    Present a live webinar 20,000
    Help RL write materials such as an ebook, whitepaper, etc. for publication on our website 20,000
    Work with RL to write a case study about how RL's applications have enhanced or improved your patient safety initiatives 25,000
  • Challenges Points
    Stop by RL's booth at national shows (ASHRM, APIC, IHI, HIMSS, NPSF, Beryl, NAHQ) 200
    Attend RL hosted webinar 200
    Promote the RL system at your organization with internal events, newsletters, flyers, and/or emails*** 1,000
    Attend RL Palooza as a paying attendee 2,000
    Speak about how RL's applications have enhanced or improved your patient safety initiatives at a conference**** 10,000

* If the same prospect is referred by multiple clients, the points earned will be split equally.
** These challenges will have specific time limits associated to them.
*** The points will only be rewarded once we get confirmation via email or form submission.
**** We will pay for any associated travel costs.

Spending your points

  • Rewards Points
    Basic: Includes 1 free registration fee to RL Palooza, RL's annual user group conference 25,000
    All-inclusive: Includes 1 free registration fee to RL Palooza, plus flight and accommodation. 60,000
  • Rewards Points
    A collection of exclusive RL promotional items 15,000
  • Credit towards client services including training, on-site consultations, forms or report custom work, System Health Check or System Health Analytics. Can't be used towards annual fees (support & maintenance, subscription, etc.)

    Rewards Points
    $1,000 credit for up to 3hrs of a remote service 25,000
    $2,500 credit for up to 6hrs (1 day) of an on-site service 63,000
    $2,500 credit for up to 12hrs of a remote service 75,000
    $5,000 credit for up to 25hrs of a remote service 83,000
    $5,000 credit for up to 12hrs (2 days) of an on-site service 83,000
  • Credit towards software purchases. Can't be used towards annual fees (support & maintenance, subscription, etc.)

    Rewards Points
    1 File Manager License 1,625
    1 Administrator Lite License 2,125
    1 Administrator License 62,500
  • Rewards Points
    RL will donate $500 to the registered charity of your choice 33,300

Some restrictions apply. Must opt-in to receive marketing emails from RL Solutions to receive special email offers. As part of the RL Rewards program, points earned expire 5 years from the date RL Solutions recognizes the points. See our Terms and Conditions for additional details.

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In the future, you’ll be able to manage your RL Rewards directly on RL HUB, redeeming points and earning tiers for participating in challenges.

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