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RL’s software suite is built to support your safety and quality initiatives. Book time to find out how we can support your work with:

  • Advanced risk management software,
  • Infection forecasting technology
  • Flexible root cause analysis tools, and
  • Success Plans to get the most our of your software.

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The RL Suite

Our feature-packed software suite is built to help you prevent and respond to risks across your organization.

Discover flexible, easy-to-use products that equip your teams with the tools they need to drive quality initiatives, prevent risks and keep patients safe.

Join us at RL's Party POP-up!

We’re celebrating another year at ASHRM and another year of improvements in healthcare safety - and it wouldn’t be a party without you! Join us for an evening of surprises, food and fun.

Date: Monday, October 16th
Time: 6:30pm
Location: Museum of Pop Culture (Transportation will be provided)

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How do we bring the focus back to people in healthcare?

RL software is built with you in mind. We believe that software should simplify and enable your work, not complicate it.

We’re dedicated to building products that give you more time to have deeper conversations, start new initiatives and focus on improving healthcare for everyone involved in it - something we like to call Forward Facing Care.