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RL Community

We’ve put the power in your hands! You now have a network of peers you can check in with to ask questions about products, how organizations are using their data or even if a hospital has a similar challenge.

Here’s a few of the things you’ll find in RL Community:


This is where you’ll find hot topics in RL Community!

Q & A

To see what others are asking, browse through our Q & A section! Better yet, ask a question yourself!


No need to submit tickets for product enhancements anymore, this is where you’ll go to browse, vote for and submit ideas.

Get the recognition you deserve

RL Rewards will allow you to earn points by engaging with your peers, and you’ll be able to track your progress in Community.

As part of the program, you can also earn points for things such as hosting a webinar, writing a blog post, or being a reference and so much more.

Learn more about RL Rewards