The RL6 Suite

Enhance your patient experience

At RL, we recognize how essential it is to love the software you use in order for it to be truly effective.

This is why you'll discover a suite of products that are flexible and easy-to-use--not to mention a team of good people who are dedicated to seeing you succeed from implementation and beyond.

Our feature packed software suite was designed with healthcare organizations in mind.

RL equips you with the tools you need to drive on patient safety, quality, infection surveillance strategies and much more.

Risk Management

Everything you need to track, trend and report on adverse events - and even prevent them from happening.

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We've built our software to work together

So that you can have the data and the ability to take your initiatives to the next level.

The RL patient safety suite is fully integrated so you can keep all of your patient safety data in one place. What's more, RL provides you with a holistic view of a patient's experience at your facility.

RL's flexibility means you can use our software to manage your entire patient experience, or just one component of it. Whether you implement just one module or all of our software bundles, the RL patient safety suite gives you what you need.

And it does so much more

Take it on the go

Report, receive alerts, track hand hygiene and more - all from your tablet or phone.

Fully configurable

RL software is fully configurable, making it easy to adapt to your organizations needs.

Do robust reporting

Drill down into specific details with new dashboard functionality.

Scale it to your needs

No matter the size of your organization, RL's software and services can be adjusted to fit your needs.

The best part?

We're trusted globally by hundreds of healthcare organizations, including 9 of the top 10 hospitals in the United States.

Cleveland Clinic
Duke University Hospital
Johns Hopkins Medicine
Massachusetts General Hospital
New York Presbyterian
Brigham and Women's Hospital
UCLA Health System
University of Pittsburgh Medical Center
Washington University in St. Louis

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