Nip HAIs in the bud

Spend less time reviewing data

RL6:Infection helps streamline necessary tasks and delivers data in a format that lets IPs optimize infection initiatives. Identify opportunities for improvement in your stewardship program and reduce the time it takes to intervene—preventing hospital-acquired infections from spreading and protecting your patients.

Spend more time preventing hospital-acquired infections

Healthcare-acquired infections (HAIs) affect the wellbeing of your patients and the safety of your facility. However, with the right tools, they can be minimized. To stop HAIs from spreading, hospitals need advanced software for dealing with infections.

Easy access to your organization's critical infection data including antimicrobial use

Real-time surveillance of hospital systems such as laboratory results (microbiology), ADT, surgical procedures and pharmacy orders

Prioritizes potential infections to help you work smarter

Answer any infection-related question with just a few clicks—reducing the time needed for investigation and review

With RL6:Infection you can perform audits and manage outbreaks

Configurable audits let you define which moments and groups to use for monitoring. Audit multiple users at one time from the RL6 application on your desktop or tablet.

Set user-defined audits and manage deficiencies, responsibilities and follow-up actions with reports, charts and a risk matrix.

Capture it all in RL6: outbreak team members' contact information, meeting notes, line listings, tests, case definitions, graphs and epicurves, communications, final outbreak reports and more.

As well as gather data to kick-start an antimicrobial stewardship program

Enforce your hospital’s antimicrobial protocols, processes and outcomes. Watch data by DDD, DOT or other parameters, and resistance patterns for MDRO.

Report antimicrobial utilization data to state and national programs, such as the National Healthcare Safety Network (NHSN).

View your antimicrobial use, microbiology and other laboratory results, reports, alerts and ADT information—all in one location.

Search by a number of different methods including date range, antimicrobial, location and specific alerts.

Not to mention other great features for IPs

RL6 eliminates the noise, and lets you prioritize for potential and confirmed infections. Manage files that need investigation through the Follow-Up Workbasket: create Run Sheets, classify infections, access patient information & add comments.

Instant contact-tracing reports help IPs prevent HAIs, multi-drug resistant organisms (MDROs) and communicable diseases from spreading.

Get notifications of increased patient activity over a defined time. Plus, drill-down to determine which units are contributing to the increased isolates.

And don't forget: mobile access

Easily audit multiple users simultaneously from the RL6 application on your tablet.

View all your inboxes, alerts and outbreak warnings, meaningful statistics and more from one eye-catching screen.

Because HAIs can come at anytime

With RL6, you can minimize the impact of infections by responding faster through real-time surveillance and sharing data between our integrated modules.


Share healthcare-acquired infection data with your risk management team.

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