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RL is where students thrive.

There's no coffee-fetching around here. We appreciate and respect the insights students bring to the table and include them in all aspects of life at RL. Find out how you can make a real difference as an RL co-op.

Students at Design Jam

Build your experience

Work closely with peers and gain experience working across departments. We've welcomed students to all of the teams at RL and have welcomed several students who came back to join us full-time after graduation.

"During my years as a student, I chose to come back for three co-op work terms at RL. The in-depth learning and sense of family is an experience that you just can’t get anywhere else." Hazel Chan, Talent Acquisition Specialist
Desk Objects

Get hands on in what interests you

We're a smaller company, so everyone is the face of RL and has opportunities to meet with our clients. You might engineer our next product release, test a bug or feature request or help plan our awesome user group conference.

"I was given a project and told to run with it until the term was over. Everyone I worked with was easily approachable, diverse and came with an incredible amount of knowledge in their respected fields. I learnt more in my co-op than in 1 year at school." Luke Farnell, Jr. QA Automation Developer
Meeting Presentation

It's your project – from start to finish.

With flexible work terms, co-ops can stay for four months or up to an entire year. This way you can experience the entire lifecycle of projects you're assigned to, from concept development to wrap-up.

"It is an honour to be part of the RL Family. Without the opportunity to grow, I would never be who I am today and who I’ll be for the rest of my career." Heidi Chodorowicz, Product Manager

Co-op Positions

To apply, please work through your school.

  • Software Developer Co-op
  • Application Developer Co-op
  • QA Co-op
  • Sales Co-op
  • PMO Co-op
  • HR Co-op
  • QA Co-op
  • Design Co-op
  • Marketing Co-op

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