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When you join RL you are sorted into an RLement team or "house." The houses help new employees get to know people and encourages interaction across departments through team building activities and collaborative projects. It's more than just fun – there are prizes to be won!

We’re better when we’re together.

The RLements are the eight unique elements that make RL such a special place to work. When combined, balanced and bonded together, the RLements are the formula to our success as a company and a community.

The 8 RLements Teams


They embody RL's entrepreneurial spirit, pushing us out of our comfort zone into unfamiliar territory.


They personify the RL ideal of 'leaving every situation better than how you found it'.


They inspire us to always keep dreaming up new and creative ways of doing things.


They give us the strength and the spark RL needs to succeed, cheering each other on the whole way.


They show us the importance of empathy; you don't have to be ruthless to be successful.


They are the loyal and trustworthy 'glue' that holds RL together, even when things get tough.


They help RL take any idea and make something amazing, by questioning and improving.


They remind us not to take ourselves too seriously—how we work is as important as what we do.

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