Trailblazer Award

Nominations will open again in 2019

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There were over 40 impactful nominations to celebrate this year.

The Trailblazer Award is designed to recognize and celebrate RL Solutions clients who have made an impact within their organization and the healthcare community. They are someone who tackles challenges with enthusiasm, strives to make a difference and is always ready to lend a helping hand.

See this year’s top 3 nominees

Mary O’Quinn
“What can we learn and how can we improve?”

Mary O’Quinn

Senior Director Quality & Compliance, Spaulding Hospital Cambridge
Director Patient Safety & Risk Management, Spaulding Rehab Network & Spaulding Rehab Networkbridge

“Every organization should be fortunate enough to have the leadership of Mary O’Quinn. She is an incredible advocate for safety initiatives throughout the Spaulding Network. She works tirelessly to not only maintain, but to continuously improve upon safety initiatives for our patients, staff and environment. Mary is also the first to acknowledge and celebrate both individual and group initiatives that foster excellence. She recognizes the value of knowledge that can be gained from both challenges and celebrations. Her approach is always, “what can we learn” and “how can we improve”.’

Nominated by Mandy Kolbe, Partners Continuing Care

Nicole Iarrobino
“Quality, patient-centered care.”

Nicole Iarrobino

Senior Project Administrator, The Johns Hopkins Hospital

“Nicole has worked tirelessly to bring our entire health system on to the RL6 Feedback System. Nicole’s greatest attribute is her ability to strike a balance between the needs of the users and the implications of how these changes will impact data collection and the entire health system ability to report consistently. Nicole is affectionately known as the “RL Warden”, as any major change is vetted through her. Thanks, Warden, for ensuring that we are utilizing the system in the best way possible and facilitating useful, Enterprise wide data collection and reporting!”

Nominated by Megan Hirsch, The Johns Hopkins Hospital

Laura Mattimoe
"We report events, not people."

Laura Mattimoe

Patient Safety Coordinator, Lead Administrator for RL Solutions,
ProMedica Health System

“Laura has done a tremendous amount of work around making the application easier to use, generating relevant reports and most importantly, integrating the RL structure with our High Reliability journey. Laura has been a champion in disseminating the message that "We report events, not people." As a direct result, we have been able to link our reporting efforts to our fair and just culture which has added synergy to High Reliability program. Laura is an absolute pleasure to work with and she is a highly valued member of our organization.”

Nominated by Dr. Kaminski, ProMedica Health System

Trailblazer Winner

Congratulations to Mary O’Quinn, the 2018 Trailblazer Award recipient.

Thank you to all our nominees for the difference they make in our organizations and the healthcare community, and to the nominators who recognize and celebrate them.

What makes a Trailblazer?

  • Positively influences their organization and healthcare community
  • Drives change through effective initiatives and creative solutions
  • Mentors colleagues and others within the community
  • Demonstrates commitment to the highest standards
  • Applies creativity or innovation in overcoming challenges

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