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We all give and receive care differently, whether it be with compassion, empowerment, mindfulness or purpose. Discover your language of care!

Care Cards

Care Cards

Running this activity with your organization? Use the Care Cards and descriptions to encourage staff to share how they embody their language of care.

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For each question, select one answer that best represents you.

Languages of Care

Multiple Choice

When patients visit your organization, what do you think is most important to them?

Getting care in the most efficient way possible.
Having all their questions answered.
Feeling empathy from their provider.
That their provider understands that they’re more than just a patient.

Finish the sentence

The last time I visited a healthcare provider’s office or hospital, I could have...

…been better listened to.
…been given more detailed information.
…been asked more questions.
…spent less time waiting.

Pick a picture

What setting most represents healthcare to you?

Finish the sentence

Technology fits into healthcare by...

…leveraging data to help deliver more efficient and effective care.
…giving providers more time to get to know their patients.
…streamlining processes to free up more time for conversations.
…capturing information that informs patients about their health.

Multiple Choice

Which of these “little extras” would make the biggest difference in your healthcare experiences?

Daycare services for your kids while you wait.
An app where you can be provided with resources based on your diagnosis.
Personal follow-ups from your doctor to see how you’re doing.
A timer that tracks your wait-time.

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