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RL Solutions Releases Latest Update of its Leading Patient Safety and Risk Management Solution

New version 4.19 includes updates for Risk MonitorPro and Feedback MonitorPro.

December 15th, 2008, Toronto, ON – RL Solutions, the leading provider of healthcare quality and safety software, announced today that a new update to its leading patient safety and risk management solutions is now available for clients. Covering both Risk MonitorPro® and Feedback MonitorPro®, the latest version includes new functionality for identifying important information, acting as a user, creating single page submissions, and exporting alerts information to an HTML file. In addition to new functionality, Version 4.19 also includes enhancements to current features within the two products.

My Important Files

My Important Files is a new view in the RMPro/FMPro Web Application Info Center that allows Admin level users to flag files that are important to them and view them in a separate frame. This feature is beneficial to users who need to manage large amounts of files, and need a quick way to identify ones that are of a more important nature.

Act As Feature

The Act As feature allows users of RMPro and FMPro to ‘act as’ another user, if that user is absent due to vacation, extended leave of absence, etc. The acting user can manage files, respond to alerts and tasks, etc., as if they were the actual user. This feature is beneficial to any organization where the primary RL Solutions user is unavailable, but certain updates or edits need to be handled via their account. It is also advantageous over other reassignment-like features in that the audit log can track when a user is managing a different user’s files, tasks, alerts, etc.

Quick Submission Form

Quick Submissions allow SuperAdmin users of FMPro and RMPro to create a single page submission form. Quick Submission Forms are beneficial for organizations who want to minimize the number of fields required to report an event, while at the same time making it as efficient as possible to submit information.

Alerts Export Report

The Alerts Export Report functionality now makes it possible for users to export an HTML file that displays a list of all Alerts that have been set up in RMPro and FMPro. Now users can utilize and share Alert information outside of RMPro and FMPro.

“Version 4.19 provides significant new functionality as well as additional performance related enhancements to RMPro and FMPro users,” said Cecil Leung, Product Manager, RL Solutions. “We are continually looking for ways to improve the performance and functionality of our products, and are excited that Version 4.19 delivers on this vision.”

About RL Solutions 
RL Solutions provides proven risk management, patient feedback, claims and infection control software to help healthcare organizations improve patient safety and healthcare quality. RL Solutions brings together innovative technologies, stellar client service and a broad ecosystem of partners to give its 600 clients a complete safety and quality solution. With products that are easy to use and easy to implement, RL Solutions is a world leader in the healthcare market. For more information, visit 

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