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The AHA Extends its Exclusive Endorsement of Incident Reporting and Management from RL Solutions

The AHA will extend its exclusive endorsement of RL6:Risk.

Chicago, IL (March 11, 2013)—AHA Solutions, Inc. today announced that after conducting the rigorous AHA Signature Due Diligence Process, it has extended the exclusive AHA Endorsement of Incident Reporting and Management Solutions from RL Solutions. AHA Solutions, a subsidiary of the American Hospital Association (AHA), identifies products and services that help member hospitals and care organizations achieve operational excellence. Hospitals can feel confident when selecting a product or service that has received the AHA Endorsement that it has met the AHA's highest standards for quality, stability and customer service.

In today’s health care environment, an incident management system is critical to report and understand the adverse events that occur in order to improve patient safety. Capturing and managing incidents effectively enables hospital administrators to evaluate trends, assess high risk situations and develop action plans to mitigate future risk. RL6:Risk from RL Solutions is a comprehensive safety, quality and risk management solution that helps health care organizations become highly reliable. The flexible, easy-to-use software helps encourage event reporting—and ultimately reduce the severity of incidents and overall risk.

"As hospitals adopt value-based care, it’s critical for health care organizations to access data on events and near misses to improve patient care and maintain a strong reputation." says Anthony J. Burke, President and CEO of AHA Solutions, Inc. "The continued endorsement of RL Solutions indicates AHA’s commitment for improved patient safety and the wellbeing of our nation’s hospitals to better serve their communities."

"Since being awarded the AHA Endorsement in 2009, our applications have been widely adopted because of our unwavering commitment to our clients and the care of their patients. Our service to our clients now includes a multitude of initiatives, including remote system administration, assistance with PSO reporting and taxonomy changes, just to name a few." shared Sanjay Malaviya, President and CEO at RL Solutions. "We are honored to hold this endorsement, and pledge our commitment to improving a hospital’s ability to reduce health risks and therefore improve quality care."

About the AHA
The American Hospital Association (AHA) is a not-for-profit association of health care provider organizations and individuals that are committed to the improvement of health in their communities. The AHA is the national advocate for its members, who include more than 5,000 member hospitals, health systems and other health care organizations and 42,000 individual members. Founded in 1898, the AHA provides education for health care leaders and is a source of information on health care issues and trends.

About AHA Solutions
AHA Solutions, Inc. is a resource to hospitals pursuing operational excellence. As an AHA member service, AHA Solutions collaborates with hospital leaders to identify key challenges the field faces. We then work with market consultants to conduct the proprietary AHA Signature Due Diligence Process and identify solutions. AHA Solutions provides access to content experts and education to support product decision making. As a subsidiary of the AHA, the organization convenes people with like interests for knowledge sharing that is centered on timely information and research. AHA Solutions is proud to reinvest its profits in the AHA Mission: To advance the health of individuals and communities. For more information, contact AHA Solutions at 800.242.4677 or visit

About RL Solutions
RL Solutions designs innovative healthcare software for patient feedback, incident reporting & risk management, infection surveillance and claims management. At RL Solutions, nurturing long-lasting relationships with our clients is what we do best. RL Solutions has over 1,100 clients, including healthcare networks, hospitals, long-term care facilities and more. RL Solutions is a global company with offices in Canada, the United States, Australia and the UK. For more information, visit or follow @rlsolutions on Twitter.

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Mike Etzinger
Director of Marketing, RL Solutions
416-410-8456 ext. 315 

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