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RL Solutions Announces new real‐time surveillance for healthcare risk managers

New functionality gives healthcare organizations the ability to alert key personnel to a potential incident before it happens, and in real‐time

ASHRM, CA, October 24th, 2014 – RL Solutions, creators of easy‐to‐use healthcare quality and safety software, announced today the availability of real‐time surveillance for risk managers, a new way for healthcare organizations to prevent adverse events. By leveraging the surveillance engine already found in other RL products, risk managers can now benefit by having automated, real‐time alerts, sent directly to their inbox when specific risk criteria are met that could lead to an adverse event.

Until now, risk managers typically interacted with an incident after it had already caused harm to a patient. Means to prevent the incident from occurring in the first place were limited at best. Now, with RL's real‐time surveillance, risk managers can receive clinical alerts from any number of hospital systems to automatically be notified of cases that could turn into patient harm or become an HAI. Fully configurable, healthcare organizations can determine which critical conditions they need to track, and implement proactive interventions to prevent harm from occurring.

Key features and benefits of RL's real‐time surveillance engine include:

  • clinical alerts that automatically notify risk managers of cases to follow up on and action to take
  • tracking actual and potential adverse events in one system
  • taking action in real‐time, potentially preventing harm from happening altogether
  • leveraging clinical data results and therefore having confidence in data accuracy

"With real‐time surveillance, our clients have the opportunity to implement proactive risk mitigation plans as soon as possible and potentially limit patient harm," said Catherine Lathem, Vice‐President, Product Management, RL Solutions. "For example, risk managers can now be automatically alerted in real‐time if a patient arrives in the ER who has traveled to West Africa in the past twenty‐one days, has a temperature of greater than 38.6 degrees Celsius, and symptoms such as headaches and muscle pain."

"We are both honored and humbled to work with some of the world's leading healthcare organizations on a daily basis," added Sanjay Malaviya, President & CEO, RL Solutions. "It is by observing what they do, and learning how they operate, that we are able to deliver solutions that can potentially make a significant difference in a patient's life. As RL continues to innovate and grow, we will never lose focus on the organizations that we serve, and we look forward to even more innovations like real‐time surveillance for risk managers in the years to come."

About RL Solutions
RL Solutions designs innovative healthcare software for patient feedback, incident reporting & risk management, infection surveillance, peer review, root cause analysis and claims management. At RL Solutions, nurturing long‐lasting relationships with our clients is what we do best. RL Solutions has over 1,500 clients, including healthcare networks, hospitals, long‐term care facilities and more. RL Solutions is a global company with offices in Canada, the United States, Australia and the UK. For more information, visit or follow @rlsolutions on Twitter.

Contact Information:
Mike Etzinger
Vice President of Marketing, RL Solutions
416‐410‐8456 ext. 315

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