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RL Solutions Announces General Availability of RL6:RiskSurveillance and RL6:RiskRegister

RL's newest software modules help healthcare organizations proactively manage risk and adverse events

Indianapolis, IN—October 16, 2015—RL Solutions, creators of easy-to-use healthcare quality and safety software, announced today the availability of its latest software module, RL6:RiskRegister, and the general availability of RL6:RiskSurveillance. With the newest additions to the RL6 patient safety suite, healthcare organizations have access to software that will help them proactively manage enterprise risk management. 

Surveillance can be a labor-intensive, manual process where it is necessary to reference multiple systems. With RL6:RiskSurveillance, you have the data from multiple systems at your fingertips to proactively monitor for situational risks. RL6:RiskRegister helps healthcare organizations standardize how they collect quality data across departments. Both modules allow quality departments to utilize RL6's alerts and streamlined workflow to deploy their resources and staff where it counts the most, making informed decisions that can reduce costs. In addition, quality managers can create reports in RL6 and communicate critical information to the rest of their organization.

"It's not enough these days to just deal with events after they've happened," explains Catherine Lathem, VP, Product Management, RL Solutions. "We want to provide our clients with tools that enable them to prevent harm before it ever reaches patients. With our proactive surveillance software, we hope that our clients leverage the information surfaced by RL6 to enhance their hospital's patient experience and make better, faster decisions that improve patient safety."

Prevent incidents before they happen with RL6:RiskSurveillance
With RL6:RiskSurveillance, healthcare organizations can easily monitor all of their clinical and patient data for never events, risk triggers, readmissions, infections and more. RL6 does this by connecting multiple feeds including lab, ADT, pharmacy and surgery and displaying the data using a real-time dashboard. Now, quality managers can recognize and proactively respond to potentially harmful situations and minimize escalation, without waiting for an event or near miss to be reported. 

Capture vital statistics and triggers in RL6:RiskSurveillance's Info Center such as:
•    Patient flow including outpatient no-shows and number of patients who leave without being seen
•    Patient volumes and length of stay
•    Medications such as Narcan prescriptions
•    48-hour readmissions
•    Wait times (emergency department, etc.)

Proactively manage quality improvement programs with RL6:RiskRegister
RL6:RiskRegister helps quality professionals proactively flag potential risks and achieve their patient safety initiatives. Based on international ISO 31000-2009:Risk Management standards, RiskRegister standardizes how healthcare organizations collect quality data across departments  and helps them gather the right data to affect lasting change.

With RL6:RiskRegister, organizations capture information about a risk on a single, configurable form across all departments, making it easier to spot trends. Using a single form also helps organizations identify where a potential risk can have the most impact, its rate of severity and the ability to assign one or more individuals responsible for mitigating the risk. As well, managers can monitor the progress of quality improvement efforts using reports and dashboards, and record recommendations and implement action plans that can help lessen the impact of risk.

For more information about both products, attendees at this year’s American Society for Healthcare Risk Management Conference in Indianapolis, Indiana, are encouraged to visit RL at booth 501 for a demonstration. Conference attendees can also attend Catherine Lathem's presentation at the Industry Spotlight Theater on Monday, October 19 at 1:10pm entitled Supercharge Your Hospital's Patient Safety with Proactive Surveillance.

About RL Solutions
RL Solutions designs innovative healthcare software for patient feedback, incident reporting & risk management, infection surveillance, peer review, root cause analysis and claims management. At RL Solutions, nurturing long-lasting relationships with our clients is what we do best. RL Solutions has over 1,600 clients, including healthcare networks, hospitals, long-term care facilities and more. RL Solutions is a global company with offices in Canada, the United States, Australia and the UK. For more information, visit or follow @rlsolutions on Twitter.

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