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RL Solutions: Re-Inventing the Healthcare Landscape

RL Solutions' VP of Marketing, Mike Etzinger, discusses how 'technology and innovation strategy' can be applied in the healthcare industry with Nspire

Ever wonder how technology and innovation can be applied to the healthcare industry? Most people associate healthcare with these occasional visits to the doctor, pharmacy or even hospitals. Most of us also have a lot of personal experiences that made you wish you could really do something to improve the way our current healthcare system is set up. How do you apply technology and innovation to healthcare to make it more efficient? This is the vision that RL Solutions is based on. RL Solutions happens to be an innovative organization with a tool whose execution depends on the people at the company, something that the company is particularly proud of. The R6 Tool is a leading edge tool that now supports many healthcare systems around the world. We were fortunate enough to sit down with Mike Etzinger, RL Solutions’ VP of Marketing, for an Nspire-EXCLUSIVE interview, talking about the intersections of biztech and how the future of healthcare is shaping up with technology playing a big part.

Tell me a bit about RL Solutions. Your goal, your vision, your achievements etc. What made you want to work for RL Solutions?

RL Solutions is a Toronto based company that builds software for healthcare organizations. Our goal is to partner with these organizations to help them deliver a positive and safe experience for their patients. RL’s clients represent some of the most innovative providers of care in the world, and we feel truly blessed to have gained their trust.

On a personal level, I feel fortunate to be a part of this company. Sanjay, our CEO, has worked tirelessly to develop a culture that is not only inspiring, but open and friendly as well. Throughout my career, I have worked for numerous companies – large and small – but RL is unique in that we truly care about each other. The term ‘RL family’ often gets thrown around here, and after just a few months of being here, you can understand why. RL is a special place to be, and I am thankful every day to be a part of this great organization.

What is your role in the company and how has that role shaped RL Solutions in the past decade?

In my role as VP of Marketing, I am accountable for all aspects of marketing, including brand management, lead generation, design, strategy, communications and experiential. Since joining RL in 2007, I believe that my greatest contribution has been this ability to recognize – and surround myself with – high-performers. These high performers have made a significant impact on the company, and have been critical in fueling its continued profitability, influence in the marketplace and growth. A lot has changed at RL since I joined, and that is down to the incredible people who I am fortunate to work with every day.

RL Solutions’ tool RL6 is used by many healthcare institutes around the world. This tool was designed as a solution to a problem that was identified within the Canadian Healthcare system. Do you believe that there are other areas of Healthcare that require improvement which RL Solutions would want to target with this tool? If so, which areas are you particularly focusing on?

RL has always prided itself in building solutions that our clients need. When Sanjay started the company in 1997, it was because of a system that he built to address the needs of the hospital he was working for at the time. It’s in this entrepreneurial spirit that we continue to work closely with our clients to develop products that will meet both their needs and the needs of the market.

What goal is RL trying to achieve in the upcoming years? What are some challenges that you could face?

The healthcare landscape is constantly changing. Legislation like the Affordable Care Act in the United States has changed the way that healthcare organizations conduct business. Our goal is to continue to focus on the needs of our clients, and to build software to help them deliver a better experience to their patients.

How does RL Solutions cultivate innovation? And how do you encourage your team to think of ways to re-shape healthcare?

Innovation is a critical component to any organization, and it is no different at RL. Our goal is to hire individuals who are entrepreneurial in spirit, and who challenge the status quo with new ways of solving challenges.  This culture of innovation comes from all areas of the organization, and is supported by our CEO and the RL management team. For example, Anthony, who is now our mobile developer team lead, innovated on how we could deliver our products on tablets and smartphones while on a co-op term with the company. It is people like him who will allow us to continue to grow and innovate to the deliver the best solutions we can to our clients.

Company culture is very important to RL Solutions, could you describe the RL Solutions atmosphere and culture and why do you believe it is important to have casual culture?

At RL, we have become known for our great space. It’s in downtown Toronto, it has unobstructed views of both the city and the lake, and it comes equipped with a full Irish pub, a gym, a ping pong stadium and golf simulator. While all of these things contribute to the great vibe we experience on a daily basis, what’s more important is how the company makes each RL’er feel. I believe that what makes RL’s culture so strong is the fact that people feel both safe and welcome. Sanjay, our CEO, has worked tirelessly to create a culture where people feel valued, and because of this belief that we are able to have the perks that we have. It also helps to explain why RL offers unlimited vacation. I believe that it is our culture, which is the result of our people, that sets RL apart from other organizations.

What one word do you want to own in the minds of your customers, employees and partners?



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