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RL Solutions: Space for Collaboration

Anthony Chiarelli, software developer at RL Solutions, speaks with NSpire about what inspires him to create innovative healthcare solutions

What makes RL Soltuions a leading healthcare tech company? How do they provide support to highly regulated healthcare facilities and improve their day-to-day operations? How do they foster innovation among their employees? The answer may lie in the fact that RL Solutions happens to be an innovative organization with a tool whose execution depends on the people at the company, something that the company is particularly proud of. RL Solutions recruits talented individuals each year to add to their team! We were fortunate enough to sit down with Anthony Chiarelli, RL Solutions’ Tech Lead for RL6:Mobile, for an Nspire-EXCLUSIVE interview, talking about the intersections of biztech and how the future of healthcare is shaping up with technology playing a big part.

Tell me a bit about RL Solutions and your role in the company?

RL Solutions is a software company that was founded in 1997, which creates patient safety software for hospitals, pharmacies and other healthcare facilities. RL’s suite of software solutions ranges from risk management and patient feedback solutions, to infection surveillance software. I first joined RL as a co-op student, and began working here fulltime as a software developer in 2012—today, I’m a team lead for RL6:Mobile—our mobile incident reporting and file management solution.

What made you want to work for RL Solutions?

Having joined RL while I was still in school, I quickly realized that RL was a truly unique place to work. The two things that really stood out for me then were the company culture and environment, as well as the ability to be creative and work on really cool projects that have the potential to make a significant impact in hospitals around the world. What’s more, it felt great to come to work every day and collaborate with people who shared my passionate and dedicated for the product and the company. Most of all, RL didn’t feel like a typical and sometimes intimidating corporate environment, but one that encouraged innovation and teamwork, where every member of the company can make a difference.

What kind of employee culture does RL Solutions have?

Even though we now have over 150 employees, the culture at RL still resembles a startup. RL’s office is open-concept, with lots of space to collaborate. What really stands out here at RL is the recognition of the importance of work-life balance. We have amazing amenities in our office such as a gym with showers, a ping-pong stadium, a café (with bagels, cereal and yogurt for breakfast), as well as a fully stocked pub with a pool table, golf simulator, and a scotch bar. It truly feels like a home away from home. It’s also supports a culture of collaboration and creativity, and a place where everyone can make a difference.

How have you applied your innovative mind-set to RL Solutions’ team?

When I started at RL as a co-op, I had an idea for a mobile solution that would allow frontline staff and risk managers in a hospital submit and manage events on the go. It was something that I thought could have a great impact in hospitals, and a product that RL could provide to our clients. I was able to get the approval from our CTO and our CEO as a co-op to go ahead with the project, and was given all the resources I needed to make it work. In 2013, our team released the RL6:Mobile application and it is now being used in hospitals to help improve patient safety. It was and continues to be an amazing experience and opportunity to be given the responsibility and trust from RL and my teammates to create and continue work on this innovative project.

How does RL Solutions encourage innovation and team work among their employees?

RL is a place where no idea is off limits. Everyone in the company is encouraged to be innovative and creative, to bring forward ideas they think can make the company better, and help to serve our clients better. Our CEO Sanjay’s door is always open to chat about ideas that can drive the company. Employees at RL are given a lot of freedom, and responsibility, to innovate and continually improve the work that we do. Our managers are especially supportive, and different teams in the company often work together to solve problems and hold brainstorming sessions for new products and services. This year we even had our first “RL Collabratory” team-building retreat!

In the past few months, what has been the smallest change you’ve made in the company that has resulted in a large positive result?

This past year our team worked really hard to get our RL6:Mobile app compatible with IOS 8. While the changes themselves seemed pretty minor, as they weren’t visible on the front-end, our app is now supported on all of the top IOS devices that are used by our mobile clients to report incidents on the go!

What do you recall as your most eye-opening experience from working at RL Solutions, and how has your work experience enabled you to be a better leader?

I think one of the best eye-opening experiences I’ve had at RL has been attending our yearly User Group Conference and meeting the clients that we work with everyday. It’s amazing to meet so many dedicated people that work hard everyday to help improve the experience and safety of the patients at their organizations. In addition, having the opportunity to learn about the ways our software enables and empowers them to make their hospitals safer. As a developer, it kind of brings everything full circle, and inspires you to work as hard as you can every day to deliver the best products to our clients, knowing that a design decision that you make can have such a profound effect.

Are you looking to hire for specific roles in the near future?

Yes, RL is definitely hiring! This year in particular we are planning to hire somewhere in the area of 30 new employees, in all departments of the company, from HR, to Marketing, to Development and Quality Assurance. We are always looking for talented, passionate individuals to join our team.

What kind of technical skills and soft skills are required to be part of the RL Solutions team?

Technical skills and soft skills required can definitely vary across different roles and different departments in the company. However, we are always looking for people who are dedicated, hard working, passionate about making a difference and want to be part of an exciting dynamic team.  Teamwork skills are a must for any position, since RL is definitely a collaborative workplace.

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