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RL Solutions Previews Event Forecasting Technology at APIC 2017

New module helps healthcare organizations mitigate emerging infection risks in their communities

Portland, OR—June 14, 2017—RL Solutions, creators of easy-to-use healthcare quality and safety software, announced today updates to its RL6:Infection surveillance software. With this new version, infection preventionists and antimicrobial stewardship teams will have access to the tools they need to move from reactive to proactive prevention of infection risks. RL will be previewing these enhancements at booth 1627 at APIC's annual conference, taking place June 14-16, in Portland, Oregon.

RL's surveillance software gives healthcare organizations meaningful, actionable data that they can use to prevent healthcare-acquired infections (HAIs) and ensure the right drugs are reaching the right patients—at the right time and for the right duration. By sharing this information across the organization, facilities can work together to make better decisions that improve patient outcomes.

With that in mind, RL will be previewing new context-based syndromic surveillance (CBSS) technology that helps identify early indications of community disease clusters. Explains Sanjay Malaviya, president and CEO, RL Solutions, "IPs know what to do to prevent sentinel events from spreading but it's hard to know the moment where their efforts will have the greatest impact. Waiting for the laboratory or public health agency to confirm an event is usually too late. CBSS applies syndromic surveillance to a facility's historical data and specific patient population. This helps teams intervene earlier to better protect staff and patients." With an indication of an increasing bioburden, infection teams can make specific interventions relevant to that type of communicable disease to protect its community, staff and in-patient populations.

In a survey of infection prevention professionals, RL found that all of respondents agreed that identifying early indicators is one of their biggest challenges in responding to community illnesses. As well, they all said that a tool that allows them to anticipate an increasing bioburden from the community to their facility would be valuable and beneficial to improving patient outcomes. In addition, the survey participants said that syndromic surveillance tools have historically not always proved useful at the facility level because they don't help IPs make timely decisions. However, almost all of the IPs surveyed said they would find forecasting technology "very valuable" for infection prevention and that it would be "very useful" to combine syndromic surveillance technology with historical data specific to their facility.

RL will also be demonstrating RL6 version 6.7 at APIC, the latest version of its software. It includes many features to ensure IPs have the data they need at their fingertips. Major enhancements include a redesigned Patient Record and direct submission of AU & AR data to the National Healthcare Safety Network (NHSN).

  • RL6's agile Patient Record surfaces clinically-relevant patient information from hospital feeds like the electronic health record, pharmacy and lab results, and presents it in an easy-to-read format. This patient-centered view helps IPs and infectious disease pharmacists make faster decisions with real-time, comparative data. This helps them track patients through the care continuum and investigate cases quickly and completely, making interventions such as isolation, protective precautions and antimicrobial stewardship. In addition, hospitals can set normative values and receive real-time alerts when lab results fall outside the acceptable range.
  • Direct submission of AUR data helps ensure your hospital remains compliant with meaningful use guidelines. RL6 accelerates the collection and aggregation of mandated antimicrobial utilization and resistance data to the NHSN. Plus, RL6 notifies users when the file is finished submitting or if there any errors that need fixing.

For more information about the RL6 patient safety suite, attendees at this year’s APIC conference are encouraged to visit RL at booth 1627 in the exhibit hall for a demonstration.

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