Peer Review

Peer Review

Promote a culture of safety

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Whether mandated by law or triggered by an event, peer reviews are a core tool in ensuring safe, quality care. Extend reviews beyond the physician credentialing process to other employees and manage your peer reviews in one convenient, secure system.

Centralize your peer review data

RL6:PeerReview allows you to store your data all in one place:

Pull patient data from HL7 and other RL6 modules.

Send and receive notifications when work is incomplete or overdue.

Help physicians fulfill professional practice evaluations.

Use the RL6 dashboard to quickly and easily review all results.

Build comprehensive timelines

Optimize the referral, screening, development, review and disposition processes.

Configurable security settings

RL6's role-based security system ensures maximum confidentiality and ensures users see only the information they need.

Flexibility to meet your needs

Conduct 1:1 peer reviews, focused reviews for individual practitioners and event-specific reviews.

Complete your quality care system

Bring files from other RL6 modules to perform a peer review on all types of events and on practitioners from multiple specialties.

Risk Management


Import Risk files for peer review with just one click.

Claims Management


Claims staff can import files for review into PeerReview.

Patient Feedback


Review Feedback files and suggest them for peer review.

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