Proactively spot risk
for increased safety

When it comes to your organization, you’re dedicated to ensuring the utmost safety and minimizing risks for patients and staff throughout.
At RL, we’re committed to offering the surveillance tools you need to achieve your patient safety goals and beyond.

With risk surveillance on your side, you can easily monitor for never events, risk triggers, readmissions, infections and more by connecting feeds, including lab, ADT, pharmacy and surgery to the system info center. In doing so, you’ll have the power to recognize and proactively respond to potentially harmful situations and minimize escalation without needing it to be reported first.

Use the info center to gather vital statistics, such as outpatient no-shows, patient volumes, number of patients who leave without being seen, as well as emergency department wait times and make informed decisions and changes.

What’s more, you can leverage the data collected to enhance the patient experience and make your organization the hospital of choice for patients.

Heads up!

Be alerted to vital risk triggers, such as 48 hour readmissions or patients who have been administered Narcan

Spring into action

Get real time alerts and streamlined workflow to key staff for effective mitigation

Share data

Use analysis tools to create reports, automate and communicate critical information

Reduce costs

Monitor medication, length of stay, procedures and more to optimize effectiveness

Get the most out of Risk Surveillance


Connect lab, radiology, ADT, surgery, pharmacy, EHR and other feeds to get real-time alerts to keep incident reports up-to-date.

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