Risk Register

Flag adverse events before they happen with Risk Register

RL6:RiskRegister is the newest module offered by RL Solutions, which has been designed to help hospitals proactively address risk to affect change and achieve their quality and patient safety initiatives.

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A comprehensive, easy-to-use risk management software solution, RL6:RiskRegister was designed to help quality professionals flag potential risks—based on international ISO 31000-2009:Risk Management standards—and take the necessary steps to mitigate and steer clear of adverse events.

Traditionally, hospitals have used different forms to serve the needs of individual departments. Now with RL6:RiskRegister, you’ll be able to identify, document, manage, monitor and mitigate risk on a single form across all departments.

Proactively track everything that stands in the way of achieving your patient safety & quality goals

With RL6:RiskRegister, you'll have the power to capture data quickly and include vital information, such as where in the organization the potential risk has the most impact, its rate of severity and assign one or more individual responsible for mitigating the risk.

You can even record recommendations and implement action plans that can help lessen the impact of risk. What’s more, with RL6:RiskRegister on your side, you’ll be able to re-evaluate throughout the mitigation process by completing several risk assessments.

And, using just one form means that quality professionals can gather the data they need to affect lasting change. On top of it all, like all RL products, you can customize your form to collect the information you want, the way you want.

Capture Information

Using integrated tools, users can easily capture information about a risk, including where in the organization it has the most impact.

Jump Into Action

Record recommendations and implement action plans that can help to lessen the impact of risk on the organization.

Rate It

Standardize risk assessments by assigning potential events and rating according to its level of severity at each stage of the mitigation process to document progress.

Customize It

Like RL's other software solutions, Risk Register is highly customizable so that it can suit any organization's needs, no matter the size.

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