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Root Cause

Respond, document, learn and improve

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Performing a root cause analysis is one of the best ways to investigate occurrences at your hospital - from good catches to serious reportable events. RL6:RootCause is your partner along the way, from investigation to building a corrective action plan.

Get to the root of the matter

Integration with RL6:Risk means you can start a RCA with just one click. Move beyond basic RCA with:


Customize the software to the RCA framework you follow or build your own


Keep the process organized in one, streamlined system


Identify improvements that will translate into improved patient safety and outcomes—and cost savings


Create action plans to prevent reoccurrences

Tools to help you unpack complex events

Determine what actions caused harm and establish multiple root causes.

Leverage your data with reports

Use the powerful RL6 Report Center to get a centralized view of the action items and follow-up actions associated with an RCA.

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